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Feb 3, 2014

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VPI Now Offering Fiber Splice Closures

Aurora, OH: Video Products Inc (VPI) today announced the addition of Fiber Splice Closures to its popular line of fiber optic products. Fiber Splice Closures are ideal for protecting fused optical fiber in outdoor and harsh environments.

The FIBER-SPLCLS-DM-6ExxS Fiber Splice Dome Closures support singlemode and multimode cables, and are used in aerial, underground, direct burial, wall mount, and duct mount projects. The enclosure features six ports for 0.31 to 0.79 inch outer diameter cables which provide easy re-entry for multiple uses. IP68 rated, the watertight enclosure is impact and voltage resistant. Made of high strength polypropylene (PP), the unit has an outer diameter of 5.12 inches and a height of 16.93 inches. The number of included loose leaf splice trays varies with available core splice capacity of 12, 24, 48, and 72.

The FIBER-SPLCLS-IL-4ExxS Fiber Splice Inline Closures are used in wall mount, aerial, underground, and pipeline projects. The enclosure features four ports for 0.28 to 0.98 inch outer diameter singlemode and multimode cables which provide easy re-entry for multiple uses. Made of polycarbonate (PC) housing with silicon gum seal, the enclosure has dimensions of 16.93x5.91x3.54 inches, and is voltage resistant and airproof. The number of included splice trays depends on chosen core splice capacity, with options of 12, 24, 48, and 72 cores.

Available for immediate sale, the FIBER-SPLCLS-DM-6ExxS costs between $29 and $39, and the FIBER-SPLCLS-IL-4ExxS costs between $33 and $42.

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