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CAT6a 10 Gigabit Patch Cord Cables

24AWG CAT6a stranded UTP Ethernet network cable. Category 6a cables available in white, gray, blue, green and black.

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Augmented Category 6 or CAT6a Cable is used in network applications such as 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, 10,000Base-T Ethernet up to 100 meters (328 feet). CAT6a cables have been designed specifically for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications over copper. They perform at high-data transfer rates and operate at a minimum frequency of 500 MHz. These cables deliver improved performance over standard CAT6 cables.

CAT6a is completely backward-compatible with current CAT6 equipment. Our CAT6a Cables are composed of 4 twisted pair 24 AWG stranded copper conductors with PVC jackets. Conductors are wired to gold plated RJ45 plugs in accordance with the draft specification ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 standard (American National Standards Institute/Telephone Industry Association/Electronics Industry Association.)

  • Use to connect your network card to any of the following:
    • 10GBASE-T Ethernet
    • 1000BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
    • 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
    • 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
    • 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Category 6a UTP cable wired straight through. 24 AWG, gold plated 8x8 (RJ45) plugs.
  • Snag-free strain relief boot provides secure and accurate connection; patch cables & boots are the same color.
  • Patch cables have stranded copper conductors for flexibility - great for frequent changes that occur at the wall outlet or patch panel.
  • Complies with TIA/EIA 568B standard.
  • Suppresses ANEXT (Alien Near End Cross Talk) and delivers superior 10 GbE performance up to 100 meters.
  • Performance rated beyond 500 MHz.


Booted Cables for Easy Installation

Snagless Cover
Eliminates catching when removing cables.
snagless clip snagless clip  
  no wider than an RJ-45 plug molded strain-relief boots Strain-relief
Reduce conductor stress with molded strain-relief boots.
Gold-Plated Contacts
Great connections every time with 50-micron gold-plated contacts with stagger terminated wiring.
gold-plated contacts    



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VPI Part NumberLengthColorPriceQuoteBuy
CAT6A-1-GREEN 1 ft Light Green $2.25
CAT6A-2-BLACK 2 ft Black $2.60
CAT6A-2-BLUE 2 ft Blue $2.60
CAT6A-2-GRAY 2 ft Gray $2.60
CAT6A-2-GREEN 2 ft Light Green $2.60
CAT6A-2-WHITE 2 ft White $2.60
CAT6A-3-BLACK 3 ft Black $3.05
CAT6A-3-BLUE 3 ft Blue $3.60
CAT6A-3-GRAY 3 ft Gray $3.05
CAT6A-3-WHITE 3 ft White $3.05
CAT6A-5-BLUE 5 ft Blue $3.80
CAT6A-5-GRAY 5 ft Gray $3.80
CAT6A-5-GREEN 5 ft Light Green $3.80
CAT6A-5-WHITE 5 ft White $3.80
CAT6A-7-BLACK 7 ft Black $6.05
CAT6A-7-BLUE 7 ft Blue $4.60
CAT6A-7-GRAY 7 ft Gray $4.60
CAT6A-7-GREEN 7 ft Light Green $4.60
CAT6A-7-WHITE 7 ft White $4.60
CAT6A-10-BLACK 10 ft Black $6.50
CAT6A-10-BLUE 10 ft Blue $5.80
CAT6A-10-GRAY 10 ft Gray $5.80
CAT6A-14-BLACK 14 ft Black $7.80
CAT6A-14-GRAY 14 ft Gray $6.75
CAT6A-25-BLACK 25 ft Black $13.95
CAT6A-25-BLUE 25 ft Blue $11.55
CAT6A-25-GRAY 25 ft Gray $13.95
CAT6A-25-WHITE 25 ft White $11.55
CAT6A-50-BLACK 50 ft Black $26.00
CAT6A-50-BLUE 50 ft Blue $21.55
CAT6A-50-GRAY 50 ft Gray $21.55
CAT6A-50-GREEN 50 ft Light Green $23.40
CAT6A-50-WHITE 50 ft White $21.55
CAT6A-75-BLACK 75 ft Black $34.70
CAT6A-75-GRAY 75 ft Gray $34.70
CAT6A-100-BLUE 100 ft Blue $41.95
CAT6A-100-GRAY 100 ft Gray $50.55
CAT6A-100-GREEN 100 ft Light Green $45.50
CAT6A-100-WHITE 100 ft White $41.95

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