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National Pipe (NPT) Short Threaded Waterproof Cable Glands IP68 for Cable Range 6-10mm Thread Length 13mm

Waterproof cable glands are used to seal a cable opening as it passes through a harsh environment

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Waterproof cable glands are used to create watertight exit points from harsh environment enclosures and/or through bulkheads. How to use: the cable gland compresses a seal onto round cable to prevent ingress of water or particles that could cause permanent damage to electronic devices.

Available in many outer diameters (OD), choose the cable gland that closest meets the outer diameter (cable range) of your cable for a watertight seal. Do NOT put multiple cables through one cable gland unless it's inside of conduit tubing.

Cable glands provide an ideal preventive solution for applications such as information networks, electrical systems, distribution panels, audio/visual displays and machines.

  • National Pipe Threaded cable glands consist of: washer, body, seal, clamping claw and thread-lock sealing nut.
  • NPT thread, in accordance with National Pipe Thread Taper - ANSI B2.1.
  • Housing Material: PA-66 (Nylon 66) Certified by UL (Fire Protection rating UL 94-2)
  • EPDM outdoor weather resistant rubber gaskets
  • IP68 rating for harsh environments.
  • Seal and clamping claw on cable glands prevents the bolt nut from becoming loose and maintains its high torque.
  • Compatible locking nuts, GLND-LN-WTP-NPTxxB, sold separately.


  • Waterproof Rating
  • Thread Type
      NPT 3/8"
  • Thread OD
      17.055mm (0.67 in)
  • Thread Length
      13mm (0.51 in)
  • Cable Range
      6-10mm (0.24-0.39 in)