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Waterproof HDMI Cables – Waterproof HDMI Male to HDMI Male Connector

IP67-rated weatherproof HDMI cable assembly provides watertight 1080p HDTV connectivity in harsh environments

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VPI's Waterproof HDMI Cables provide IP67-rated watertight 1080p HDTV connectivity in harsh industrial environments.

  • Waterproof male HDMI Type A with cable gland to standard male HDMI Type A connectors with cable glands.
  • Threaded couplings and O-ring seals provide IP67-rated water and dust protection.
  • For harsh industrial environments, such as factory automation, or outdoor installations where HDMI cable needs to be run from a dry location to a wet one.
    • Ideal for outdoor use in entertainment, broadcasting, AV billboards, boats and more.
  • Supports crystal clear Ultra-HD resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160@30Hz).
  • Supports high-definition video, multi-channel digital audio, HDMI Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, and Additional Color Spaces.
  • Available lengths: 2/5 meter.
  • Requires HD-WTP-FF-CS case side connector for complete connection.


    • Connectors: Waterproof male HDMI Type A to standard male HDMI Type A.
    • Supports HD resolutions to 1080p at 60Hz.
    • Wire gauge: 30AWG
    • Outer diameter: 0.26” (6.5mm)
    • Thread size: 13/16"-28 UNS
    • Waterproof rating: IP67




“I found VPI as I searched for waterproof HDMI connectors. The HD-WTP-FF-CS connectors and
HD-WTP-WMRM-2M cables are working great, exactly what we needed. I will recommend them to others in my research group (marine scientific surveyors).”

Luke M.
Seattle, Wa.


VPI Part NumberLengthPriceQuoteBuy
HD-WTP-WMRM-2M 2 meters $25.20
HD-WTP-WMRM-5M 5 meters $33.75

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