CAT5e Shielded Super Flat Cable or Industrial Patch Cord
These super flat CAT5e shielded noodle cables are only 0.101" thick and are ideal for hiding under carpets.
How to hide CAT5e ethernet under most carpets
How to run an Ethernet cable across a room without seeing itAlso known as Cat 5e Cable, Cat 5e Cables, cat 5e enhanced cable, Cat 5e Patch Cable, Cat 5e Networking cable, Industrial Cable, Category 5e cable, Category 5 Enhanced, TIA/EIA 568 Patch Cable, Stranded Conductor Patch Cords, 10BaseT, 10Base-T, 100BaseT, 100Base-T, 1000BaseT, 1000Base-T.
Side profile of CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD and CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD-IND
CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD Specifications (PDF) CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD Specifications (PDF)
CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD-IND Specifications (PDF) CAT5E-SF-xx-SHLD-IND Specifications (PDF)
Features & Applications
Super flat cables are a great solution for how to hide ethernet cables in tight spaces, where regular Cat5e patch cord is too bulky. Flat, fully molded cord gives a neat appearance to desktops & wall outlets. RJ45 plugs have 50 micron gold plated contacts.
  • Used to connect your network card to any of the following:
    • 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
    • 100BASE-T Ethernet
    • 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
    • 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Patch cables & molded strain relief are the same color.
  • Patch cables have stranded copper conductors for flexibility - great for frequent changes that occur at the wall outlet or patch panel.
  • Individually foil shielded twisted pairs and one drain wire protects signals from external noise.
  • Industrial CAT5e cable - suitable for use at high temperatures up to 176°F (80°C).
  • Color: black.
  • Dimensions:
    • Standard Cable
      • Thickness: 0.101"
      • Width: 0.257"
    • Industrial Cable
      • Thickness: 0.118"
      • Width: 0.256"
  • 28AWG stranded STP CAT5e.
  • 8x8 (RJ45) plugs.
  • 50 micron gold plated contacts.
  • Minimum bend radius: 0.5"
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Complies with TIA/EIA 568B standard.
  • Wired straight through.
  • Operating Temperature:
    • Standard Cable:
      32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)
    • Industrial Cable:
      32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C)
Shielded super flat pinout
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CAT5e Shielded Super Flat Patch Cables
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CAT5E-SF-1-SHLD 1 ft $4.00
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CAT5E-SF-3-SHLD 3 ft $6.00
CAT5E-SF-5-SHLD 5 ft $8.30
CAT5E-SF-7-SHLD 7 ft $9.00
CAT5E-SF-10-SHLD 10 ft $10.00
CAT5E-SF-14-SHLD 14 ft $5.50
CAT5E-SF-25-SHLD 25 ft $25.40
CAT5E-SF-50-SHLD 50 ft $38.05
Industrial CAT5e Shielded Super Flat Patch Cables
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CAT5E-SF-3-SHLD-IND 3 ft $6.95
CAT5E-SF-4-SHLD-IND 4 ft $8.00
CAT5E-SF-5-SHLD-IND 5 ft $9.25
CAT5E-SF-7-SHLD-IND 7 ft $9.95
CAT5E-SF-10-SHLD-IND 10 ft $10.95
CAT5E-SF-25-SHLD-IND 25 ft $25.85
CAT5E-SF-50-SHLD-IND 50 ft $39.00
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CAT5e Super Flat
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CAT5e Super Flat Bulk Cable
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