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Abbreviations / Acronyms

Abbreviation acronym list referenced in product descriptions throughout the Video Products Inc website.

AC Alternating Current
AL Aluminum
AMP Ampere- the standard unit of measure for current.
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWM Appliance Wiring Material
BC Bare Copper
BNC The BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connector is a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable.
C Capacitance or degrees Celsius
CATV Community Antenna Television - Article 820 of the National Electrical Code
CCS Copper Clad Steel
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CEC Canadian Electrical Code
CL2 Class 2 Circuits - Article 725 of the National Electrical Code
CL3 Class 3 Circuits - Article 725 of the National Electrical Code
CM Communication Cables - Article 800 of the National Electrical Code
CMA Circular Mil Area
CMP Communications Cable Plenum, NEC Article 800
CMR Communications Cable Riser, NEC Article 800
CSA Canadian Standards Association
dB Decibel
DC Direct Current
DVI The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors.
EIA Electronics Industry Alliance
ER NEC Code for UL compliance for Exposed Run or Open Wiring
ETP Electrolytic Tough Pitch - The standard electrical grade of copper wire.
f Frequency
F Farad - The standard unit measure for capacitance.
FEP Fluorinated Ethylene-Propylene - A DuPont plastic compound in the Teflon family.
FFEP Foamed Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
FM Factory Mutual
FPE Foamed Polyethylene
FPL Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits - Article 760 of the National Electrical Code
FRPE  Flame Resistant Polyethylene
FT4 The Canadian Standards Association’s designation for their vertical flame test.
G Giga or 1,000,000,000
GHz Gigahertz - One billion cycles per second.
HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video standard for transmitting uncompressed digital data.
Hz Hertz - One cycle per second.
I A symbol used to designate electrical current.
ICEA Insulated Cable Engineers Association
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
K Kilo or 1,000
KHz Kilohertz - One thousand cycles per second.
L A symbol used to designate electrical inductance.
M Mega or 1,000,000
MHz Megahertz - One million cycles per second.
MTW Machine Tool Wire
NCV Non-contaminating polyvinyl chloride
NEC National Electrical Code - Published by the National Fire Protection Association
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturer's Association
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
OFC Oxygen Free Copper - Copper that is at least 99.99% pure.
p Pico or .000000000001
PE Polyethylene
Pf Picofarad - One billionth of a Farad
PLTC Power Limited Tray Cable - Article 725 of the National Electrical Code
PP Polypropylene
PU Polyurethane
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
RCA An RCA jack, also referred to as a phono connector or Cinch connector.
RG Radio Guide - The military designation for coaxial type cables.
SC Silver Clad
TC Tin Clad
TIA Telecommunications Infrastructure???
TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer
TPR Thermoplastic Rubber
UL Underwriters Laboratories - An independent non-profit testing laboratory
V Voltage
XLPE Cross-linked Polyethylene


About Video Products Inc:
Video Products Inc (VPI), based in Aurora, OH (USA), is dedicated to supplying the highest quality connectivity products to integrators, distributors, IT professionals, and tech-savvy home-users. VPIs product line includes a wide variety of monitor testers, cables, adapters, switches and splitters. All products are rigorously tested and are backed with a one-year warranty on all parts and labor, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. For more information, visit