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Premise Wiring

Premise Wiring

Premise wiring is the cabling, connectors and accessories that are used to connect LAN (Local Area Network) and phone equipment within a commercial building. TIA/EIA-568 specifies complete electrical and physical guidelines for industry-standard premise wiring systems. As specified by the TIA/EIA, a fully functional premise wiring system is the result of multiple subsystems working together as a single network.

Components of Premise Wiring Systems

Backbone wiring is the cabling used between telecommunication closets, entrance facilities, equipment rooms and buildings.

Horizontal wiring encompasses all cable from a work-area wallplate or network connection to the telecommunications closet. The outlets, cable, and cross-connects in the closet are all part of the horizontal wiring, which gets its name because this type of wiring does not go up or down any floors of a building.

Work area is building space where occupants utilize telecommunications equipment. It includes all cable components between a horizontal-wiring wallplate or LAN outlet and end-user telecomm devices, such as telephones, data terminals, computers, modems, etc.

Telecommunications (or wiring) closet is an enclosed area, such as a room or cabinet, for containing telecommunications equipment, cable terminations and cross connects. Each building must have at least one wiring closet.

Equipment room is the space that houses building telecommunications systems such as PBXs, servers, and the mechanical terminations of the telecomm wiring system.

Cabling administration is a process that includes all aspects of premise wiring related to documenting and managing the system, testing the system, as well as the architectural plans for the system.

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Premise Wiring Example


Category 5/5e/6 unshielded twisted pair is the norm. Use 4 pair solid conductor inside the walls, 4 pair stranded for patch cords. Plenum rated cabling may be necessary depending upon fire codes.

Maximum assistance for a horizontal run is 90m plus an additional 10m for patching.

Fiber is the common choice for backbone wiring. It is also recommended for horizontal runs over 100m.

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