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How to Wire a CAT6 Tooless Keystone Jack

Materials Required
  • CAT6 Cable
  • CAT6 Tooless Keystone Jack


  • Cable Stripper
  • Cutters
Step 1. Carefully strip 1" of jacketing from the cable.
Place insulated conductor through the loop on the lid. Insert the individual conductors between the contacts on the lid. Refer to the color code instructions below.
Step 2. When the conductors are installed, snap the lid of the jack securely in place.
Step 3. Trim any excess wire. Apply the stress relief tie wrap to secure the cable to the jack. Secure the conductor to lid with plastic wire wrap provided.

Color Code Instructions
Left Side
  T568B T568A
2 Orange Green
1 White/Orange White/Green
6 Green Orange
3 White/Green White/Orange
Color Code
Right Side
  T568A T568B
5 White/Blue White/Blue
4 Blue Blue
7 White/Brown White/Brown
8 Brown Brown

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