VPI Ethernet over Coax Coaxial Ethernet Bridge
Home Network without Cat 5, Ethernet Over TV Cables,
IP Over RG-6, RG-59 How To

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 Discontinued. No Longer Available.

 Ethernet over Coax Adapter, 144Mbps, HPNA 3.1 HCNA
Create a home network over video coax. Delivers high speed internet, voice and video over coaxial cable.
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 Installation Guide with Separate Broadband and TV Service

Installation Guide with Bundled Cable Services
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Features & Applications
The Ethernet over Coax adapter transforms a building’s existing coaxial TV cable (RG-6 or RG-59) into a high speed IP network that coexists with cable TV service. Instantly connect a computer, video game console or any network-enabled device to your home network. A minimum of two ETH-COAX-T units is required to create a network.
  • Add high-speed internet, digital voice and video access to any room with a coaxial TV cable (RG-6 or RG-59).
  • Eliminates the need to run CAT5 cables through the walls to create a home network - works over existing coax cables and splitters.
  • No new software is required.
  • Connect set-top boxes, personal computers, game consoles, broadband modems etc. to your home network instantly.
  • Supports Plug-n-Play specifications.
  • Connect one unit to an Ethernet gateway such as a router or a DSL modem, and connect another unit to a computer or an Ethernet device (point-to-point connection).
  • Up to eight units can be connected to a coaxial cable network (point-to-multipoint connection).
  • Ideal for homes, apartment buildings or hotels seeking to add high-speed internet capabilities over the existing coaxial TV cables.
  • HPNA 3.1 HCNA compliant.
  • Supports distances of up to 4000 feet between two farthest nodes on LAN.
  • Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports with RJ45 Ethernet connector.
  • Two female F-type coaxial connectors.
    • One to connect to the existing coax cable.
    • One to connect to the TV or other receiver.
    • Supports RG-6 or RG-59 coaxial cable.
Data Rates
  • Speed: up to 144 Mbps
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps
  • Frequency band: 12~30 MHz
Maximum Distance
  • 4000 feet between two farthest nodes.
  • WxDxH(in): 4.5x2.6x1
  • 120VAC at 60 Hz via AC power adapter.
  • Power consumption: <5 W
Package Includes
  • Ethernet over Coax Adapter
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • 39-inch CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • 39-inch Coax cable

Application Note: Create a home network
using ETH-COAX-T and RG-6 Coax cable.

Create a home network using ETH-COAX-T