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Flat Thin monitor cord VGA plus sound cable bundle angled

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VGA Cables

VGA Cable Video Monitor Extension High Resolution WUXGA Cord Extender
Flat Super Ultra Thin Plenum Angled Audio Stereo Microphone How To

VGA Extension Cables
VGA Video Cables
Ultra Thin VGA Video Cable - MM
Ultra Thin VGA Video Cables
VGA Extension Cable - up to 100 feet
Flat VGA Video Cables
Plenum VGA Interface Cable - up to 100 feet
Plenum VGA Video Cables
Angled Connectors VGA Monitor Cables
Angled Connector VGA Cables
VGA+Stereo Audio Cable, Male-to-Male
VGA Video + Stereo Audio Cables

Cable Diameter/Thickness
Thickness of VEXT Cables

 No Ghosting & No Degradation – Guaranteed.
Ghosts, shadows, or streaks in picture adjacent to vertical edges may be a cause of faulty cables/termination. VPI's VGA cables are manufactured with the highest standards and provide a solid image with no ghosting & no degradation – guaranteed.
Competitor's cable with ghosting.
VGA Cable Revealed:
VGA Revealed
  A-  Tinned Copper Braid Shield
  B-  Aluminized Polyester Shield
  C-  Drain Wire
  D-  Double Shielded 4 Twisted Pairs
  E-  75 ohm coaxial cable