Assembly techniques CAT5e Shielded RJ45
How to Assemble CAT5e Solid or Stranded RJ45 Plugs

How to Assemble CAT5e Shielded
Solid or Stranded RJ45 Plugs

Materials Required
  • CAT5e Cable
  • CAT5e Plug
  • CAT5e Stripper
  • Cutters
  • RJ45 Crimp Tool
    • Try VPI's Crimp Tool – it Cuts, Crimps and Strips.
  • CAT5e Cable Tester
Carefully strip the jacketing from the cable to one inch. Step 1. Carefully strip the outer sheath insulation back 1". Roll back the foil shield insulation and wrap the drain wire around the foil. Do not remove any insulation from the conductors.
Insert prepared cable into plug. Step 2. Untwist the pairs to within 1/8" of the jacket. Arrange the wires according to TIA/EIA 568A & 568B standards. Flatten and align the wires. Make one straight cut across all the conductors, removing approximately ½. Insert wires into loading bar. Trim excess wires.
Crimp plug with crimp tool. Step 3. Hold the connector in front of you with the locking tab down. Orient the wires so connector Pin 1 aligns with cable Pin 1, etc. Pin 1 is on the far left. Slide the wires into the CAT5e connector. The cable jacket with shield must extend into the connector about 1/4" for strain relief and shielding connection.
Crimp plug with crimp tool. Step 4. Insert the plug into a crimp tool. Firmly squeeze the handles to set the contacts and secure the cable.
Step 5. Test the cable using a cable tester to check for shorts, opens or miswires.

Insert prepared cable into plug.
Wiring Diagram